How NOT to Lose Your Mind // During Lockdown

Hey folks, how’re you doing out there?
Yeah… I hear ya.

We laughed.
We joked.
We shared memes
We bought loo roll.
We ran out of flour…

We were still in the novelty phase a few weeks back.

But now shit’s got real & some of us are getting lonely.

Isolation really is isolation, for many of us.

Social distancing means being completely without a social life & having no where else to go… and so, for some people, being in lock down means a complete loss of our usually more positive mindset:


A forced adjustment to the new ‘norm’ with an unwelcome acceptance of change.

A lack of regularity in what was once our daily routine, but what now feels like a daily shit-show.


Feeling lost in a world where everyone is yelling WTF?!


This can all have a negative effect on the state of our mental health, if we allow it. But our mindset is our own, and there are still things we can do to keep sane:


Self Portrait : Day 10789 | ‘Life Coach on Lock Down’


Zoom has become such a wonderful thing in this very strange time. As has House Party.

I’ve attended webinars, hosted online chats, streamed Fleabag live with my girlfriends in our pants, watched Cabarets, been to comedy nights, danced hard at a day festival, played ‘Guac & Chips’… and all from the comfort of my laptop.

But joining an online rave wearing neon pants & that curly green wig from Halloween is all good for shits & giggles when you have a community around you. For some of us, these shared ‘social’ moments only highlight that actually – we’re really bloody lonely by ourselves.

When the screen switches off, we go back to being silent.

We go back to being One.

So, how can you combat this?
If you’re feeling lonely: turn your screen on!

Show your face so people see you.

Engage in ‘live’ activities. If you’re doing your exercise on an app, make an effort to join a live class too & start to feel connected.

Share your energy with others.

Communicate. Leave comments on social posts & respond to people’s stories – let others know you’re listening, and that they’re also being heard.

No one wants to shout into a void.

If you’re hosting: look out for those watching. Use their name. Engage personally. Wave. Smile. Make eye contact with your webcam.

It really does make a difference.

Keep on sharing! Tell others what’s going on. Re-post links and spread the love.
TALK TO EACH OTHER. Tell each other that we’re all here and we’re all good for a natter and support: each and every one of us.

We will get through it. 


But what about the lonely days?

OK, there’s no avoiding it. Some days you really are just going to have to settle for being by yourself. But that doesn’t mean you need to turn loopy in the process.

For me – I’m working wayyyy too hard right now.

I’m filling up my days with endless to-do lists.

I’m obsessively checking my Instagram for updates in an attempt to beat the boredom.

I’m not a girl who computes the words “Netflix and Chill” on a normal day as it is; so on a day when there’s nothing else to do? When there’s no where else for me to go and burn my energy… that’s when I work hardest…

…and I’m at risk of burning out. 

But I’m aware of this.

Loosing my mind, or loosing my methods…?

Last week I reached the point where, in my exhausted state, I found myself sat up in bed attempting to host a webinar in my sleep.

I was convinced that I was naked. But I was just dreaming. I was stressed.

My brain was completely wired, and before I’d even pulled myself back into a wakeful reality I was making mental notes of all the things I had to do the moment I woke up.

It was overwhelming. 

So how am I battling this?

I’m finding other ways to burn my energy.

If I can’t sit still, that’s fine – that’s me – but there are better ways  to fight the frustration than to let it get to me in my head:


It’s funny to think I once hated the idea of doing a work out alone. I had zero inclination to ever motivate myself successfully outside of the studio; but now – I just can’t get enough!


It’s a no-brainer really. A healthy body equates to a healthy mind –  and the happy vibes I usually pick up on the dance floor are now channelling themselves onto my yoga mat instead. 

(Here’s a great app I’m using!)

There are other methods too:

Read a book.
Catch up on a podcast.
Bake a cake (if you can get hold of the flour…. otherwise, chocolate rice crispy cake, anyone?)
Take up a new hobby
Play with the cat…

Dance in the kitchen
Like your whole life depends on it.

Your mindset most certainly does. 


I saw a great quote the other day: 

“There are two thing we have control of:
our ATTITUDE and our EFFORT.”

And quite frankly, I agree entirely. Your attitude and your effort are what will get you through.

So don’t lose your mind too hard, during isolation – because you don’t need to!


Mindset is everything.

And your mind is set by YOU.


Stay posted for your second helping of ZFG Tips and Advice in my Lock Down series still to come:
How NOT to Lose Your Sexy-Self // going live later this week!



Feeling unaligned within your mindset? Lacking purpose?
Losing sight of who you are, or where you want to be?
You know there’s an end to this,
but you’re not sure what to do when it finally happens…

Do you want to come out of this pandemic feeling completely in control?
With more motivation than before you went in?

Thought so.
Now is the time to commit.

Find out more about how Samantha can you support you in a
121 Life Coaching series
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Samantha Kelsie | ZFG
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