What Do You See // When You Look in the Mirror?

Today I’d like to know – truthfully:
What do you see when you look in the mirror?


Do you see someone who is uniquely stunning?
Someone who sparkles with radiance because of their deep inner beauty?

Or do you see someone who is just lacking? 
‘Socially acceptable,’ sure… but dull as dishwater, if you’re honest. 


Do you see someone who is OWNING IT daily?
Confident they’re winning with a Best Life way of living?
Someone experiencing each day as if it’s their last, but with all the excitement of a thousand tomorrow’s?

Or someone just getting by on the basics?
‘Making do’ to make ends meet?


Do you see a kick-ass body that you’re proud of?
Accepting (and LOVING) whatever shape or size it is?
Do you think – F* Yes that chick is sexy! What a dude! What a beast.

Or do you see all the ‘flaws & faults’ that make you worthless?
Are you magnifying the horrendous things that you (and everyone, probably) really hates?


When you look in the mirror, does the face looking back at you smile broadly, baring gums, aching cheeks, all teeth on show to great affect?
Do they give you a big thumbs up and wish you the great day that’s about to happen?

Or are they nervous? Confused? Sad, even? Disappointed?


When you pass the glass in the hallway, do you mentally high-five the person peeping back?
Do you blow yourself a kiss?
Throw out a cheeky wink?

(Erm… are you guys flirting?)

Or have you just been turning away too quickly?
Passing by without a sideways glance.
Avoiding eye contact… at all costs. They might notice you.

Do you even look in the mirror, at all?


When you look into the mirror…
do you see someone with FML feelings?
Or someone who is living their life with ZFG?

(I was starting to worry…)


Yes – that’s lipstick writing on my mirror… another story!

So tell me this:

What do you WANT to see when you look into the mirror?

Who do you want to FIND in the reflection staring back?

What do you want them to THINK of you; as they see you standing there, looking back at them, thinking just the same? 

I, for one, won’t settle for less than a smile when I see my own reflection.

And if I’m really lucky, that cheeky Miss in the mirror might even throw me a wink.

(Or a flash. She’s done it often enough!)

When I look in the mirror, I see true beauty. I see power. I see purpose. I see confidence and ultimately, I see satisfaction.

I quite often see glitter. And dirt on the mirror (smudged mascara, usually). And roots that need doing…

But better than that: I see someone who is proud to be stood opposite me.

Someone who is proud TO BE ME. 


And more importantly, I see someone who wants that same thing FOR YOU.


That’s why I’m a life coach.

So if you could use a little extra help when looking in the mirror…
Someone to
install some self-love light bulbs to see the things that were listed on the left…
DM me.

Send me an email.
Right now.
Don’t waste another minute.


Because believe me when I tell you,
that I will help you find the way
to ALWAYS love the person looking back… 


For more information about starting a 1:1 Life Coaching series with me –
Samantha Kelsie – email standout@zfglife.com
Or visit the Life Coaching Pages on my ZFG website!

Samantha Kelsie | ZFG
Lifestyle Empowerment Coach
⚡ Permission to be – unapologetically YOU. ⚡


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