WORKSHEET // What’s ‘Normal’ for You Right Now?

Why are we so keen to get back to normal, I wonder?

Or are we really that keen at all, when we think about it? 

I imagine it differs, from person to person…


For me, a return to ‘normality’ will mean being able to travel again; to explore the world at the drop of a hat & find myself bouncing from place to place.

🔅 It will mean seeing my friends & touching their faces. Sharing their love & their laughter… and a few too many glasses of wine!

🔅 It will mean not being stuck here in lock down with my parents.

🔅 It will mean having my freedom.

🔅 It will mean play time and parties…


But will it mean less time on my yoga mat?


Will it mean forgetting to eat properly, as I’m often guilty of doing?

Or partying too hard?

Working more than is healthy?

Will it mean a return to the rush that doesn’t always serve me?

Being bashed about on the Underground at all sorts of hours; running myself into the ground with a distinct lack of sleep…?

If the last few weeks have been anything at all – they’ve been a time to stop, to retract, to reflect… to rediscover. To figure out what’s working in our life; and what doesn’t work at all.

For some, they’ve been a time of new learning… for others, a time of relaxation. For many – we’ve had enough now.

For me – a new life is just beginning.


So today I’m suggesting:
“In the rush to return to the normal;
consider which parts of the normal are really worth the rush…”


🔅 And what’s even better is I’ve created a little worksheet to help you do this! 🔅

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I’d love to know if you found this worksheet useful!
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