“Oh Ma Geee!
She’s amazing – wow!”

(OK. That’s not a real testimonial – but the real ones are below!)

Liva – Puritric Blog

“Seriously, if you are at a point in your life where you find yourself apologising for who you are, Samantha will get you out of your head and into your own shoes!

Her ways and words are in-the-face honest and to the point. No small talk, no apologies, no butterflies. Just honesty and empowerment to own yourself!”

Liva @ Puritic Blog

“Samantha is a fierce and fun coach who lives life by her own rules and will empower you to do the same. She absolutely walks her talk when it comes to living life unapologetically and being true to yourself.

If you’re looking for a totally non-judgmental coach who will support you in owning who you are and what you want for your life Samantha is the coach for you!”

Chloe Wigan | One Infinite Life

I’ve just finished a 12 week coaching programme with the wonderful Samantha of ZFG. It’s been transformational in my happiness and I wanted to share that in case anyone is thinking of a coach and is like “why tho?” It’s worth it, it’s a solid gold personal investment in yourself. And like that old adage of putting your own oxygen mask on first, it’s a critical part of self care – in addition to face masks and rose wine of course 😉

Flippancy aside, I can absolutely say I am happier now and way more comfortable in my skin by far than when I started this programme 12 weeks ago – and that’s saying something in the midst of a global pandemic! So during lockdown, learn about you – French lessons can wait. And this amazing, compassionate human will take you on that learning journey. Thanks Samantha, you are incredible!

R.MW- London

When I first began the life coaching series with Samantha, I had just left a job following a period of deep unhappiness, and I felt like I was in a deep dark hole; so tired, so bleached on the inside, so convinced I was worthless. I knew I needed to do something, but I just wasn’t sure what.

I’d never worked with a coach before, only a stress counsellor – but coaching seemed markedly different, so much more progressive and productive. When I followed Samantha on Instagram and saw the work she did, I was super impressed – so much humanity, so much energy, so much integrity.

Going in to our first session, I felt nervous – I was bricking it wondering what we might find,  but I trusted Samantha completely. That trust grew so much during our journey together. All the prep work beforehand, the explanation of what we would do, her own intro and fearlessness in sharing her story made me feel so supported and safe straight away. I felt like ”’ooooh, I can let go for a minute…” and at the end of the session, I had this big ‘wow’ moment. I felt the yoke had lifted, and I could finally taste fresh air.

Having completed the series, I like myself so much more now. I feel a glow from within me, and F* me do I like what I see in the mirror! I am happiness every day, and I’m savouring every minute of life. I’m really taking my time now to see ‘what I want’ and how that fits into a more balanced version of my life – and that word ‘balance’ is now the byword for how I live.

‘Freedom,’ ‘Joy,’ ‘Energy’ and ‘Happiness’ – that’s what ZFG means to me now. I feel happier, calmer, feistier and I stand so much straighter. ‘Rosie the Lion’ is back in the arena and she is slaying this!

Samantha has been such a wonderful gift in my life and I am beaming with gratitude for all that she’s done. I honestly would not have come out half as well without the work we’ve done together – all the extra support Samantha gave between sessions created this wonderful empathetic continuum and helped me feel so strong. The power of words has been so profound during our time together.

Samantha is like this supernova of energy and empathy. If someone asked me ‘should I work with her?’ I’d say “yes, yes, yes!” Life coaching is a solid gold personal investment in yourself, and you will benefit and grow from this enormously.

Get to know and love yourself, and let Samantha be that generous and kind guide to show you how to be kind to yourself… I am loving life right now and I cannot thank you, Samantha, enough.

Rosie – London


Samantha Kelsie | ZFG
Lifestyle Empowerment Coach

⚡ Permission to be – unapologetically YOU. ⚡