As a Lifestyle Empowerment Coach it’s my passion & purpose to help you go from
‘FML’ to ‘ZFG’
in a way that works for you…

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It’s time to embrace a positive mindset with a “YOU DO YOU” attitude

Together, we’ll uncover the uniqueness of your identity & your ‘best life’ way of living; so you can enable yourself with the confidence you need to ‘do your own thing’ in the way that suits you best.

We’ll start to explore who you really are as an individual & the vision for your future that really gets you feeling wild with F*CK YES!

It’s your turn to learn that ‘FML’ is a thing of the past.

…but with ME as your Life Coach you’ll quickly embrace a ZFG way of living!


ommit yourself today & with Samantha’s support you can set goals to take action in all areas of your life including:


      • Lifestyle & Social Life
      • Confidence & Purpose
      • Travel & Adventure
      • Self-Love & Self-worth
      • Body Confidence & Self-Esteem
      • Identity
      • Sex & Sexuality
      • Relationships & Sexual Intimacy
      • Career & Ambition
      • Health & Well-being
      • Spirituality

…and so much more.

“OK sounds good, so what happens next?”

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You’ve reached this far & you’re still super interested…?
Then you’re my kinda gal
(guy, non-binary, cup-of-tea… etc).

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“Seriously, if you are at a point in your life where you find yourself apologizing for who you are, Samantha will get you out of your head and into your own shoes! Her ways and words are in-the-face honest and to the point. No small talk, no apologies, no butterflies. Just honesty and empowerment to own yourself!”
Liva, Hamburg

“Samantha is a fierce and fun coach who lives life by her own rules and will empower you to do the same. She absolutely walks her talk when it comes to living life unapologetically and being true to yourself. If you’re looking for a totally non-judgmental coach who will support you in owning who you are and what you want for your life Samantha is the coach for you!”
Chloe Wigan – One Infinite Life


Samantha Kelsie | ZFG
Lifestyle Empowerment Coach

⚡ Permission to be – unapologetically YOU. ⚡