1:1 Life Coaching

Let me tell you how it works from here:

⚡ It all starts off with an email.
Message me. Pick up the phone. Let me know you’re out there and ready to make the change.


⚡ Let’s figure some things out.
We’ll have a quick back and forth and I can answer any questions. I’ll send you a pre-coaching questionnaire and we can arrange a time to chat.


⚡ Complimentary Consult
Let’s look at your answers & figure out what areas of your life could do with shaking up.  It’s totally free, and you’re not obliged to go further… but it’ll give us both a good idea of where things are at.


⚡ 6 or 12 Sessions
Depending on your goals – your finances – your time frame… we’ll book you in for either six or twelve sessions. These will include goal setting, taking action & achievement in reaching your goals.


⚡ Unlimited Support
“Fuck, yaassss! You got this!” OK, I promise I won’t say that in every email – but you can message me as much as you like between sessions.

I’ll keep in touch to check your progress. You can yell at me if things get tough, we’ll ‘whoop-whoop’ together when you’re crushing it, or you can holler to me if you’re feeling stuck…

I’ll also send you some questions from time to time to see how you’re doing, and maybe a bit of home work. Yup, home work. But it’s all fun stuff, I promise.


⚡ Wherever you are…
It doesn’t matter about location – I’m always on the move! Wherever you are in the world, we can make it work together. All of our meetings will take place over Zoom, & I’ll keep to your time zone.


⚡ If fully booked…
…I’ll add you to my waiting list! Perhaps in the mean time you can follow my InstagramBlog for some tips to get you going, or else come along to a workshop or webinar whilst you wait.


⚡ It’s already started! ⚡

Let’s Talk Money

1:1 Life Coaching Series

6 sessions @ £480 ($600)

12 sessions @ £900 ($1100)
Split payment plans are available upon request. 

Question is though, do I want to hear from you?
Yes! But only maybe. I’m not suitable for everyone…

If you’re ready for change and willing to put the work in – call me.
I work with people who are determined and dedicated; who show up in sessions and commit to achieve their goals.
I’m here fully to support you, and I want you to own it, but you’re only accountable for your own actions.

…and no, you don’t have to use swear words throughout our whole meeting.
It doesn’t make you big. It doesn’t make you clever. But the space I hold is entirely free of judgement.
I just like to express myself & you’re welcome to, too.

Coaching is not counselling.
A life coaching series takes you forward, without looking back.
If you feel you may be more suited to seeing a counsellor right now, then I recommend you explore that possibility.
If I think you might be too, I’ll let you know before we start.

You’ve reached this far & you’re still super interested…?
Then you’re my kinda gal
(guy, non-binary, cup-of-tea… etc).

How about you drop me a message?

I’ve just finished a 12 week coaching programme with the wonderful Samantha of ZFG. It’s been transformational in my happiness and I wanted to share that in case anyone is thinking of a coach and is like “why tho?” It’s worth it, it’s a solid gold personal investment in yourself. And like that old adage of putting your own oxygen mask on first, it’s a critical part of self care – in addition to face masks and rose wine of course 😉

Flippancy aside, I can absolutely say I am happier now and way more comfortable in my skin by far than when I started this programme 12 weeks ago – and that’s saying something in the midst of a global pandemic! So during lockdown, learn about you – French lessons can wait. And this amazing, compassionate human will take you on that learning journey. Thanks Samantha, you are incredible!

Rosie – as shared on Instagram


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Samantha Kelsie | ZFG
Lifestyle Empowerment Coach


⚡ Permission to be – unapologetically YOU. ⚡