What Does ‘ZFG’ Stand For?

I was initially going to name this post:
What does ZFG even mean, anyway?

But then I realised – it’s not so much what means, but really what it stands for.


In short:
ZFG is a colloquial term typically used (though not exclusively) by those stereotypical, uber-trendy millennial types, who sport snazzy beards and drink far too many double-shot, decaf, soy-based lattes.

Myself included. 

I’m kidding. I prefer a flat white.

But jokes aside – it’s a question I get asked often. So let’s get straight to the point.


ZFG = Zero Fucks Given

It’s the kind of abbreviated phrase that goes hand in hand with other such modern-exclamations as ‘OMFG,’ ‘WTF?’ ‘IKR’ and most importantly: FML – but we’ll come back to this last one later. 


On the surface, I’ll admit – ZFG can come across as kind of aggressive. But here’s a little secret; it’s really not meant to.

Not when I use it, anyway.

ZFG = to give “zero fucks”
AKA to ‘not give a shit.’


But I don’t quite mean it like that.
Because to ‘not give a shit’ without actually giving a shit lacks intention… do you see?

“I just don’t give a shit” sounds really quite poor. It lacks purpose. It goes without thought; no interest enough to even care. There is no backbone. Zero compassion.

And to say “I just really don’t care – ” well there’s no feeling in that, either.

No motivation. No gumption. No oomph.


‘ZFG’ comes with attitude.

It might not invite aggression; but it sure does get you noticed.

It makes certain that you’re seen, but for all the right reasons. For all that you are worth.


ZFG means:

⚡ Not comparing yourself to others.

⚡ But not allowing others to compare for judgement.

Judgement breeds insecurity.
Insecurity breeds further judgement…
And, I say: ZFG to all of that!


Samantha Kelsie: Throwing out peace-giving vibes with ZFG attitude!

But ZFG doesn’t mean giving up on something, either.

Rather, it’s about going right at it, with passion and with purpose. With understanding, and acceptance – for WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU BELIEVE yourself to be.

It means doing the things that inspire your own energy; without worrying about what anyone else may think.

It’s about not letting other people dampen your day. Not giving permission for anyone to dull your sparkle.

But it isn’t about raising your middle finger, or flipping ‘the bird’ at anyone who poses a threat – don’t let that big F Word there confuse you!

It’s really about waving a fat salute towards your inner self, instead.

Hold up your hands and wave them above your head with the universal sign for ‘peace.’

Give yourself a big thumbs up.

Or if you’re so inclined, chuck yourself a cheeky ‘namaste,’ and another one for everyone who passes whilst you’re at it…


“Stand out from the crowd with Zero Fucks Given”


Here’s the next bit:

‘Standing out from the crowd’ doesn’t necessarily mean making a display of yourself.

It’s not about attention. Or making noise – and no, you don’t have to be an extrovert to feel the full force, either.

You just need to know that by ‘standing out’ you’re really just ‘standing up’ for yourself. Being true to who you are and to what you know feels most authentic.

You don’t need to have a soap box underneath you to tell the world that you are worth it.

That you are awesome.
That you are epic.
That your lifestyle is valid.
That you are capable of making choices: your choices.
Great choices.
Choices that honour you and the lifestyle that you’re living.

You just need to be walking on your own path; moving in the right direction.


That’s what it really means to ‘stand out from the crowd with zero fucks given.’

It’s means having a ‘You Do You’ attitude with a positive mindset.

See – no negativity after all!


Yup – no fucks given to flashing her pants either!

And that brings me back to that bit about ‘not giving a shit…’

…it’s each to their own here.

It’s all very well ‘you doing you’ but only as long as you’re letting the others ‘do themselves’ while you’re at it.

Having a ZFG mindset means letting everyone do their own thing; whatever that thing looks like for them, not just you.

It may surprise you to know that some people out there really are pretty happy living a ‘simple life’ that suits them. So let them crack on with it!

Because that’s the most empowering thing about giving zero fucks.

It’s knowing that every choice is valid. Every life is as important as the next; and every person so very unique within it.

But it’s having the confidence to live YOUR Best Life, in the way that matters to you, that matter most here. This is what people (*cough* Millennials) mean by having a ‘Best Life Way of Living.’

ZFG is power, and power is freedom.


And so to that other abbreviation… FML:



Fuck my life, and fuck everything that’s in it.

Fuck you, fuck me, fuck them… fuck it all. Life is serving me no purpose.

So, fuck it.

Well, fuck that!


FML means living your life with no hope; no dreams; no determination; and no desire.

No nothing, really. Just plain old disappointment.

And I’m here to make sure that we all live a life that’s free from feeling that.

So… that brings me on to the finale!


What does ZFG Life Coaching really stand for?


.Well, if you haven’t worked it out by now then let me make loud and clear:

It stands for ME empowering YOU to live your Best Life FREE from FML Feelings.

It stands for living YOUR LIFE with ZFG to what anyone else may think.

It stands for ‘standing out from the crowd’ by standing up for yourself, and owning what you truly believe in.

It stands to inspire you to make decisions for yourself, with a positive mindset, and a  YOU DO YOU attitude that will last for a lifetime.



And that’s about it really…!
So does that answer your question? 😉


Do you want to live YOUR life with ‘You Do You’ attitude?

Ready to go from FML to ZFG in just 12 weeks?

Then let’s not wait another minute.
Email Samantha:
or visit the
Life Coaching Pages on the ZFG website!

Samantha Kelsie | ZFG
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