Tired of being questioned by others? Challenged in your choices?
Made to feel as though your lifestyle isn’t valid?


Do you doubt your own identity?
Feel lost in knowing what’s really right for you?


Eurgh… you’re so over all the labels!
But you’ve lost sight of what you stand for…

Does your everyday life really meet your ideal?


Are you struggling with your own Self-Worth?
Self doubt causing conflict
with your inner voice & critic?

You used to be so confident…
so what the heck has happened?

Did something dull your sparkle?


You once dreamed of something bigger…
So what happened to the dream?!

What happened to your focus?!
Are you settling for a life that’s only ‘second best?’



Feeling ooh so disconnected…
Got that ‘f*ck my life’ feeling!


You want the best from your life – right?
So what’s really holding you back?

Enough questions!
You’re so over it!

You want so much more from life & you sure well know it!

That’s why you’re here – right?

Because you’re ready to make the change.

It’s time to get rid of those FML feelings.


It’s time to embrace a
with a

And I’m here to help!
Click the button below & I’ll introduce myself…

“I’d never worked with a coach before but when I followed Samantha on Instagram and saw the work she did, I was super impressed – so much humanity, so much energy, so much integrity.

Going in to our first session, I felt nervous, but I trusted Samantha completely. That trust grew so much during our journey together… I felt the yoke had lifted, and I could finally taste fresh air.

I like myself so much more now. I feel a glow from within me, and F* me do I like what I see in the mirror! I am happiness every day, and I’m savouring every minute of life. ‘Freedom,’ ‘Joy,’ ‘Energy’ and ‘Happiness’ – that’s what ZFG means to me. I feel happier, calmer, feistier and I stand so much straighter.

Samantha has been such a wonderful gift in my life and I am beaming with gratitude for all that she’s done. She’s like this supernova of energy and empathy – I honestly would not have come out half as well without the work we’ve done together.

I am loving life right now – Rosie the Lion is back in the arena and she is slaying this! I cannot thank you, Samantha, enough.”

Rosie – London


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Samantha Kelsie | ZFG
Lifestyle Empowerment Coach

⚡ Permission to be – unapologetically YOU. ⚡